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Anita Johnson December 16, 2013 MyNAMS Membership

Anita Johnson February 10, 2013 NAMS Workshop (Live Event)

Friday, March 20th through Sunday, March 22 , 2015

We typically start at 8:00AM each morning and end by 6PM each evening.  Add-on sessions (not included in the price of the Workshop) are typically the day before and after the Workshop, so plan your travel accordingly if you wish to participate in these sessions.

You can always see the details under the "Workshop Information" heading on the main menu of http://mynams.com and the hotel information is here.  If you did not get the special NAMS room rate and need help, please email esupport@nextnams.com (include your name and reservation #.)

The schedule will not be available until closer to March and it is located at http://nextnams.com/schedule/

Want to connect with other NAMS Workshop Attendees?  You do that in the closed Facebook group.

If you are flying to Atlanta, the airport is Hartsfield-Jackson (see http://www.atlanta-airport.com)

NOTE:  The hotel does not provide a shuttle from the airport to the hotel. However, when you land in Atlanta, go to the MARTA station and take the GOLD line train marked Doraville/Brookhaven. Get off the train at the Brookhaven station and then call the Hotel ( 404-325-0000 ) to have them send a shuttle to pick you up. The shuttle leaves at the top of each hour from the Brookhaven station.

Here's a map of the Gold line:

The schedule from the Airport:

And the schedule from Brookhaven:

Anita Johnson February 10, 2013 MyNAMS Membership

Instructions can be found at http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser%27s-Cache but if you're using the latest version of Firefox, see these instructions instead:  http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-clear-firefox-cache

Be sure to close all browser windows/tabs after clearing the cache so that the change takes effect.

When you reopen your browser, try whatever you did before and all should be well.

And for future reference, whenever you run into a situation where a particular webpage is acting weird or not showing up as expected, clearing your cache (temporary internet files) is generally the fix to try first.  :)

Hope this information helps!

Jennifer Perdew February 10, 2013 MyNAMS Membership

Because we have a 30-day refund policy, we wait at least 30 days before paying the commissions.  And you need to have reached at least $50 in commissions before they are paid out.

Example: You made a sale on October 20th, 'at least 30 days' would be on or about November 20th, therefore, you can expect to receive commissions on December 15th.

In order to receive earned commissions, you must have your PayPal email address listed in your account because we only use PayPal, no other payment types, including checks. 

After you have logged into http://www.mynams.com, under "Your Account Information" in the right sidebar, scroll down and click "My Affiliate Info".  Point to "Affiliate Info" and click the last link "Add your paypal address so we can pay your commissions". 

If the "Affiliate Payout Type" shows "Not selected", then we cannot send you any commissions you may earn.  Please click the dropdown arrow to choose "PayPal" and then complete the "Affiliate Payout - Paypal E-Mail address" field and click "Save".

To see any commissions you may have earned, point to "Affiliate Info" and click "Review your affiliate statistics" and the information is listed by month in the "Report" section.  Where there are dollar amounts, click the month and then day links to see more details.  Voided commissions represent refunds and will not be paid out.

Anita Johnson February 10, 2013 MyNAMS Membership

You must first be logged into http://mynams.com and on the menu at the top, point to "Affiliates" and click "Affiliate Tools"

You'll be on this page: http://mynams.com/affiliate-tools

Scroll down until you see the BIG red arrow. Underneath there's a dropdown box to the right of "Select a Product".

Whatever is currently showing in that dropdown box is the product that will be promoted if you use the Links or Banners beneath it.

To choose a different product, click the arrow on the right side of the dropdown box, and make your selection. The page will refresh so that the correct Links and Banners (and other promo tools) match the newly chosen product.

For instance, your affiliate link for the NAMS Workshop Preview Hangouts is:

For the NAMS Workshop, your affiliate link is:

For instance, your affiliate link for the MyNAMS Insiders Club is:

For the FREE: MyNAMS Weekly Expert Live Training, your affiliate link is:

Your affiliate ID is XXXXXXX or it's followed by r= (replace XXXXXXX with your ID) and what follows i= is the product code.

Do NOT delete any of the code or worry about not seeing it in the address bar if you choose to test your links.

To promote an individual page, look for this in the right corner:
Click that link and you'll see the link you need to copy and paste.

You'll only see the generic sites, but rest assured, if you use the entire links as illustrated, the referrals are tracked to you.

Also, be aware that our software platform, aMember, made a recent change to the affiliate link structure.  The original affiliate links with ID numbers still work, but the new affiliate structure replaces your ID number with your MyNAMS username. 

So, to see the difference, be sure you also click the "My Affiliate Info" link in the right sidebar under "Your Account Information".  You'll see "Your General Affiliate Link", and you can click any of the "Source Code — Copy/Paste Into Your Website" links.

And be sure you have entered your PayPal email address to receive affiliate commissions.